Audio ENGLISH-RUSSIAN translation will be available for all lectures on April 14-18.
Audio SPANISH-RUSSIAN and SPANISH-ENGLISH translation will be available for the lecture “Reading of TMD signs in MRI images” (Prof Dr. Adalsa Hernandez, Venezuela) on April 15.

To listen to the audio translation, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the APP or log in via our web-based listeners application:

*Please note that using an APP is more recommended in terms of better streaming and longer code validity.

  1. At the venue, connect to a WI-FI (Network: BSCOSO, Password: bscoso2019).
  2. Plug in your headphones (if you haven’t received them with your delegate pack, please address REGISTRATION DESK at the venue or one of our volunteers around)
  3. Open the audio translation program (“Interactio”) on your phone/tablet/laptop and enter a code you received at the registration.
  4. Listen to the stream.

*Please note, that your code is unique, and it cannot be shared with any other participant. The code is one time use for one device, meaning that you cannot use it on another platform. In case you need to switch the devices, please contact our staff for issuing a new code.

*The code for SPANISH-RUSSIAN and SPANISH-ENGLISH translation on April 15 will be general for all and will be announced before the session starts.


If the battery of your smartphone, tablet or laptop is running down, you can charge your devise by using our charging station installed in the Lobby area. Alternatively, you can use a power bank that you have received together with your delegate pack at the registration onsite. If you need any adapters, just let us know at the Registration Desk and we will assist you.

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