Guidelines for Participants


BSCOSO Webinars are being broadcasted by using ZOOM webinar platform. Upon registration you will receive an event link for joining the webinar. Click on the link to start the online course. If you haven’t received a confirmation e-mail and cannot find the event URL link, please contact us at learn@bscoso.com.

To ensure a smooth webinar broadcast BSCOSO has the following recommendations to you as an Attendee:

  1. Before joining a webinar, make sure you have your computer or mobile devise fully charged.
  2. Before joining a webinar, make sure you have a strong internet connection (better use wired internet instead of wireless).
  3. Check audio and video settings on your computer or mobile device.
  4. Use headphones and microphone for better sound quality.
  5. After joining the webinar please mute your microphone and turn off your camera to avoid side noise.
  6. During the webinar please do not turn on your microphone and camera (the webinar host will have these functions disabled to you).
  7. You will be able to type your questions any time during the webinar in a Q&A section visible at the bottom of the screen. The speaker will answer them after the webinar is finished.
  8. You will have a live chat with other participants and the host of the webinar throughout the event. However, we kindly advise you not to send irrelevant messages when the speaker is presenting, to avoid distraction.
  9. After webinar is finished, please wait until the speaker announces further information on how the Q&A session will be carried out. You will be able to either ask the questions live (using “Raise a hand” function) or type your question in the Q&A section.
  10. When the webinar poll becomes available (see the bottom tab), please answer a few questions about the webinar. The questionnaire is anonymous.
  11. If you need to finish the meeting earlier, click on Leave meeting and your application will be closed.
  12. All audio and video recordings of a webinar are prohibited.
  13. Please watch the ZOOM tutorial on how to join a ZOOM meeting VIDEO TUTORIAL #1 
  14. Please watch the ZOOM tutorial on joining and configuring audio and video VIDEO TUTORIAL #2 
  15. For more details about ZOOM webinars please visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us or contact learn@bscoso.com.




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