Course Director
Dr. Dalia Latkauskienė (Lithuania)

Program Director
Dr. Simonas Grybauskas (Lithuania)

Preliminary Program

3 October 2021 (Sunday)
18:00 Registration and vaccine pass check-up
19:00 Get together (Neringa Hotel, Lobby Bar)

4 October 2021 (Monday)
Scientific Program (Day 1)

Day 1
Session 1. Pre-surgical orthodontics (Moderator: Dr. Grybauskas)
07:00-08:00 Registration and Welcome coffee
08:00-08:10 Opening
08:10-09:00 Criteria and principals for orthodontic preparation for surgical maxilla Dr. Grendene
09:00-09:50 Presurgical orthodontics of asymmetric patients Dr. Latkauskienė
09:50-10:10 Discussion
10:10-10:40 Coffee break
Session 2. Tips and tricks on maxillary surgery (Moderator: Dr. Grybauskas)
10:40-12:10 Multisegment Le Fort. Surgical tips Dr. Trevisiol
12:10-12:30 Discussion
12:30-13:30 Lunch
Session 3. Tips and tricks on mandibular surgery (Moderator: Dr. Trevisiol)
13:30-14:10 BSSO: salvaging developing bad splits Dr. Grybauskas
14:10-14:50 Management of mandibular and chin width: midline split, chin-wing osteotomy, reshaping Dr. Grybauskas
14:50-15:10 Discussion
15:10-15:30 Coffee break
Session 4. Finishing orthodontics (Moderator: Dr. Grybauskas)
15:30-16:20 Surgical cases: how to complete orthodontic treatment in a predictable way Dr. Latkauskienė
16:20-17:10 How to survive the surgical outcomes? Dr. Grendene
17:10-17:30 Discussion
17:30 End of Day
19:00 Course dinner “Roaring Twenties” (Neringa restaurant)

5 October 2021 (Tuesday)
Scientific Program (Day 2)

Day 2
Session 5. Round Table 1. (Moderator: Dr. Grendene)
08:30- 10:10 Black Swan – A patient that gave me an unexpected lesson. Case presentations and discussion Dr. Grendene
Dr. Latkauskienė
Dr. Trevisiol
Dr. Grybauskas
10:10-10:30 Coffee break
Session 6. Round Table 2. (Moderator: Dr. Latkauskienė)
10:30-12:10 The importance of incisor angulation on surgical plan and outcome. Case presentations and discussion Dr. Grendene
Dr. Latkauskienė
Dr. Trevisiol
Dr. Grybauskas
12:10-13:30 Lunch
Session 7. Round Table 3. (Moderator: Dr. Trevisiol)
13:30-13:50 Extraction vs Non-extraction Dr. Grendene
13:50-14:10 Skeletal vs. Dental anchorage Dr. Grendene
14:10-14:30 Brackets vs. Clear Aligners Dr. Latkauskienė
14:30-14:50 Single stage MSLF1 vs two-staged SARPE+LF1 Dr. Trevisiol
14:50-15:10 Surgery first and surgery early vs. surgery late/conventional Dr. Grybauskas
15:10-15:40 Coffee break
Session 8. Round Table 4. (Moderator: Dr. Grybauskas)
15:40-16:00 Restarting orthodontics: early vs. late Dr. Latkauskienė
16:00-16:20 Retention: fixed vs. removable, splint vs. wraparound Dr. Latkauskienė
16:20-16:50 Maxilla first vs. mandible first Dr. Trevisiol
Dr. Grybauskas
16:50-17:10 BSSO fixation: plates vs. screws vs hybrid Dr. Grybauskas
17:10-17:40 TMJ management: Splint therapy vs. minimally invasive TMJ procedures vs. physical therapy Dr. Trevisiol
Dr. Grybauskas
17:40-18:00 Patient specific vs. conventional plates Dr. Trevisiol
Dr. Grybauskas
18:00 Farewell (Neringa Hotel)


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