Orthognathic surgery planning: the hybrid generation
The contemporary concepts in virtual and clinical facial planning 

Digital tools are tools only. They are effective in the hands of experienced professionals. The current generation of orthognathic surgeons is hybrid – we can’t work efficiently without virtual planning, yet we can’t lean on it fully.

Here at BSCOSO, we say that surgical outcomes directly depend on the level of accuracy in the planning process and surgical experience of the performer. The outcomes can vary dramatically based on both two factors. We all know it well. We have experienced both ends – striking symmetry and function or frustrating consequences of minor inaccuracy.

First, we, doctors should learn how to use virtual planning as a smart solution. Secondly, we should know how to avoid digital errors in the virtual planning. Thirdly, we should align digital data with the clinical examination data always.

Qualitative data of clinical examination such as soft tissue density and response, facial ratios and perception of the facial volume are truncated once transferred to the digital environment. If these are not used with the virtual surgical planning in parallel, the result will be less than ideal.

Thus, hybrid planning is the golden standard today, combining the two pillars of orthognathic surgery: the virtual surgical planning and clinical facial planning.

The two-day BSCOSO course will provide in-depth knowledge on the integration of the clinical examination data into a virtual surgical plan. We will discuss how to be accurate with data acquisition, virtual head model construction, head orientation, cephalometry and virtual planning.

The course is hybrid in many ways – both through the content and form. In risky circumstances, the course will happen online, and the quality of the course will be kept at the highest level.

Welcome to BSCOSO hybrid generation 2020!

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