Just like in Alchemy, Perfection in Orthognathic Surgery is nearly visible to the naked eye, but its underlying recipes are hidden. It all starts with prima materia, and is accompanied by the mindful and skillful combination of elements, dedication, endless patience, and well-nurtured proficiency – all relating to Impeccable Facial Treatment Planning.

It is the surgical planning that unquestionably remains one of the greatest measures of professionalism. With perfection in mind, it also becomes nearly utopian and evokes an endless developmental journey towards complete harmony and balance – you simply cannot be too good in facial treatment planning. The underlying processes, practices, and techniques remain obscure until you get to the core of them.

While you certainly can search for answers yourself through trials and errors, mistakes are too costly as you work with the invaluable, most precious materials on Earth – the human elements. Here’s where experienced guidance and real, honest, advice are worth their weight in gold.

This winter, two outstandingly proficient and warm personalities will join and openly share their expertise to help you successfully turn lead into gold every time and get closer to unbeatable perfection in your practice.


BSCOSO Winter Course | 19-20 February, 2018
Ortho Masters Club | 21 February, 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania