Session 7. Prof. Satoshi Adachi

Stable mandibular position: The key for correct diagnosis, functional occlusion and stability

Stable position of the mandible is mandatory to be obtained at the end of orthodontic treatment for the stable functional occlusion. This is strongly affected by the condition of TMJ. The stable mandible on the centric can be acquired by stabilization splint, based on which three dimensional relationship of upper and lower jaws is evaluated and diagnosed precisely, and then accurate treatment planning can be made afterword. Mounted models on centric relation is necessary to appraise the occlusion three dimensionally, including the condylar position in the fossa. In addition, CBCT and MRI imaging gave us a lot of important information about the TMJ condition and increased our diagnostic accuracy. Treatment outcome and prognosis of orthodontic treatment will be better if the stable mandibular position is acquired. The “stable mandibular position” will be discussed in this presentation.

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