Dr. Peter Goellner

Abstract. The aesthetic zone, space closure after trauma/missing teeth.

The palatal implant is still a good choice for any complex treatment in patients with space closure, substituting missing incisors after accident or anodontia. Missing upper lateral incisor(s) occur in approximately 3.5% of the general population. Given that only 25-35% of the population seek orthodontic treatment, missing lateral incisor cases occupy a surprisingly large amount of the orthodontist’s time.
In private practice, minimizing implant failure and loss of anchorage are basic criteria in choosing a skeletal anchorage system. The more complete, the greater the potential scope of failure and subsequent problems that can occur with any skeletal anchorage system, the greater the potential increase in treatment time, and the greater the patient’s possible loss of trust in the practitioner. The more direct the route to the treatment goal, the more favorable is the cost/benefit ratio. The quality, safety, dependability, and ease of use influence the choice of a skeletal anchorage system.

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