OrthoJam Program

June 5

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20:06-20:48 OrthoJam Session I
20:06-20:17 How the amount of BSSO advancement and occlusal plane changes influence upper airways volume in class II females – prospective study
Rene Foltan (Czech Republic)
20:18-20:22 Assessment of orthognathic surgery outcomes by using of a passive robot arm
Esam Omar (Saudi Arabia)
20:23-20:27 Changes in the shape of nose and upper lip after Le Fort I osteotomies
Antons Vostroilovs (Latvia)
20:28-20:32 Application of the soft tissue cefalometric analysis in clinical practice
Janna Lendengolts (Russia)
20:33-20:37 Accuracy of determination of rotation axis of the mandible comparing the result of mechanical axiograph and optical model double scan methods. Pilot study.
Rokas Linkevicius (Lithuania)
20:38-20:42 Rigid external distraction (RED) treatment of a patient with cleft palate induced maxillary deficiency: a case report
Ozun Karaahmetoglu (Turkey)
20:43-20:48 Q&A Session
20:58-21:41 OrthoJam Session II
20:58-21:09 Temporomandibular joint synovial fluid components levels: implications for arthrocentesis outcome
Edvitar Leibur (Estonia)
21:10-21:14 Platelet rich plasma in the therapy of the osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint
Vladimir Machon (Czech Republic)
21:15-21:19 Consecutive mandibular DO and orthognathic surgery  for correction of mandibular hypoplasia  in adolescents
Alexandre Ivanov (Russia)
21:20-21:24 Treatment of a patient who have anterior disc displacement with reduction using a fixed functional appliance forsus: a case report
Aylin Pasaoglu (Turkey)
21:25-21:36 Early pre-surgical FABSTM orthodontics is different from functional Facial orthopedics
Nico Vrijens (German-Dutch-Belgian border)
21:36-21:41 Q&A Session
OrthoJam Session III
21:50-22:01 Hot news: Multiloop Edgewise Archwire (MEAW) and occlusal plane control during orthodontic treatment
Alexey Ermakov (Russia)
22:02-22:06 Modified miniplates for temporary skeletal anchorage in orthodontics. Indications and practical tips
Marijus Strazdas (Lithuania)
22:07-22:11 Occlusal reconstruction in treatment of malocclusion. Goals and opportunities.
Andrey Zhuk (Russia)
22:12-22:16 Posterior bounded edentulous space closing: prosthodontic vs. orthodontic treatment methods
Robertas Kirlys (Lithuania)
22:17-22:24 Adjunctive Protocols for Attaining Optimal Aesthetics
Ajit Kalia (India)
22:25-22:30 Q&A Session

 June 5-7

All day long: poster presentations at the learning lounge

Analysis of complications during BSSO
Sergiy Shuvalov (Ukraine)
Preauricular approach with zygomatic arch osteotomy for partial resection of the mandible condyle in cases of its benign tumor lesions
Iryna Logvynenko (Ukraine)
Example of procedure of a combined orthodontic-surgical therapy by a class III patient treated with straight wire technique, MBT prescription
Martin Horacek (Czech Republic)
Treatment of a Patient with Complete Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate using Internal Maxillary Distraction Osteogenesis: A Case Report
Aylin Pasaoglu (Turkey)
Using Modified Hunsuck’s Procedure to Contour Mandibular Angle with Orthognathic Surgery
Ying-an Chen (Taiwan)
Investigation of functional need for orthognathic treatment between adult patients in LUHSH Clinic of Orthodontics
Arunas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania)
Combined Orthodontics and Orthognatic Surgery for the correction of class II skeletal malocclusion in an adult patient
Barbara Mady Maricic (Croatia)
Cranio-postural kinesiotherapy in orthodontics
Myroslava Drohomyretska (Ukraine)
Anterior mandibular teeth retraction and Intrusion a pre-surgical preparation for mandibular advancement, Case Report
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Mandibular Symphyseal Distraction Osteogenesis (MSDO) and Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE) for correction of severe crowding, a 10 year follow up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Sagittal Distraction Osteogenesis (DOS) for correction of Iatrogenic Orthodontic-extraction case in skeletal class-III patients, an 8-year follow-up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Sagittal Distraction Osteogenesis (DOS) for correction of Dental Class II, skeletal class-III patient with concave-profile and prominent-chin, a year follow up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)


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