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07:00-07:45 REGISTRATION
07:45 Opening speeches
Session 1.
Can growth be influenced by treatment?
Chairs: Prof. Ilga Urtane (Latvia),
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
08:20 Early orthodontic treatment: key points and new procedures
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy)
09:20 Rationale for TMJ surgery in growing patients with disc displacement
Prof. Dr. Chi Yang (China)
10:00 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA),
Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Italy)
10:15 Coffee break
Session 2.
Orthodontic camouflage in growing patients
Chairs: Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania),
Dr. Gundega Jakobsone (Latvia)
10:40 Management of skeletal discrepancies in growing patients: open bite, crossbite
andClass III – just wishful thinking?

Dr. Bjorn Ludwig (Germany)
11:20 New treatment modalities for the correction of Class III in growing patients: rapid maxillary protraction
Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles (Turkey)
12:00 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Peter James Lewis (Australia),
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy)
12:20 Lunch
Session 3.
Class II management: orthodontics and TMJ
Chairs: Dr. Björn Ludwig (Germany),
Prof. Ilze Akota (Latvia)
13:20 Strengths and limitations of Class II correctors attached to fixed appliances
Dr. Gundega Jakobsone (Latvia)
13:40 Effective Class II management
Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania)
14:20 TMJ based orthodontic treatment of Class II patients during growth
Dr. ZhiGui Ma (China)
15:00 Panel Discussion |  Moderators:
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy),
Prof. Chi Yang (China)
15:15 Coffee break
Session 4.
Corrective surgery in children – can it be justified?
Chairs: Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles (Turkey),
Prof. Andrejs Skagers (Latvia)
15:40 IMDO surgery and pre-orthodontic correction of the very small jaw (in adolesence)
Dr. Paul Coceancig (Australia)
16:20 Early orthognathic surgery
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
16:50 Early surgery in Class III patients
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman  (Colombia)
17:30 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA),
Prof. Shanyong Zhang (China)
19:15-19:45 Opening of the Welcome Reception



Welcome Reception*
Facial surgery: the role of art beyond science
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
The painting of Goya and facial deformities
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain)
20:00-22:30 OrthoJam Sessions powered by EJCO/PIO*. Free papers and posters.
Chair/moderator: Dr. Antons Vostroilovs (Latvia)
Click HERE to view the full OrthoJam Program.

* Welcome Reception will be held at the Conference venue Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija.

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