HERE – BSCOSO 2015 Final Program

BSCOSO 2015 Abstract Book in the “Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal”. Click HERE to download.

Conference Topics:

  • Treatment of dentofacial deformities
  • Orthodontic Management of Growing Patients
  • Surgical Management of Growing Patients
  • Pre-Surgical Orthodontics
  • TMJ Based Orthodontic Treatment
  • Ultimate Aesthetics in Orthodontics
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • TMJ Surgery

Update your knowledge in temporary treatment of dentofacial deformities:



SurgiCam & AskThePro Session

SurgiCan2 (2)

The 2-Day Surgical Session.

The fact that operating room doors must be closed is only half of the truth. Open doors and visits are the chance for professionals to meet, exchange and move the surgery forward.

SurgiCam is the only extensive open door session when leading orthognathic surgeons from around the world meet in the same operating room. And you are welcome to join them.

While the masters perform surgery live, the audience will observe the process in a separate hall with live broadcasting. The options to ask questions will be facilitated by the moderator while continuous coffee and snack supplies will ensure enough energy for your brain!

SurgiCam features:

    • Surgeries with live broadcasting and bidirectional audio to the audience
    • Working examples straight from the masters in key topics of the day: osteotomy, protraction, TMJ, rhinoplasty
    • Each surgery will be followed by AskThePro Session –
      1-2 hours dedicated for an in-depth discussion about the surgery that has just been performed and directly ask the surgeon about any other details concerning his practice
    • Opportunity to bring your own insights or questions about the puzzling cases

SurgiCam Day 1 (2nd June) | 8:00-18:00

8:00-13:00 Le Fort I osteotomy and bilateral sagittal split osteotomy
Dr. Andrey Senyuk (Russia)
Dr. Girts Salms (Latvia)

13:00-14:00 Break

14.00-16.00 Insertion of zygomatic implants in Class VI atrophic maxilla
Dr. Javier Mareque Bueno  (Spain)

16:00-16:30 Break

16:30-18:00 Fixation of skeletal anchorage screws for maxillary protraction (zygomatic and chin anchorage)
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman(Colombia)


SurgiCam Day 2 (3rd June) | 7:45-18:00

7:45-11:30 Open TMJ surgery: disc repositioning and fixation
Prof. Dr. Chi Yang (China)
Prof. ShanYong Zhang (China)

11:30-12:30 Break

12:30 – 14:30 Arthroscopic TMJ surgery: bilateral disc repositioning and fixation
Prof. Dr. Chi Yang (China)
Prof. ShanYong Zhang (China)

14:30-15:30 Break

15:30-17:30 Open TMJ surgery: condylectomy
Prof. Dr. Chi Yang (China)
Prof. ShanYong Zhang (China)

Venue of SurgiCam sessions: 16 Dzirciema Street, Riga, Riga Stradins University. Please view the map HERE.

*The order and titles of surgeries are subject to change

SurgiCan1 (2)


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Pre-conference courses

Course No. 1*

Missing laterals incisors: predictable space closure looking for excellence in all malocclusions.
Chair: Dr. Gundega Jakobsone (Latvia)
Dr. Björn Ludwig (Germany)
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy)

Coffee Break and snacks

*Please note, that the Pre-Conference Course Orthodontics 1 is booked out already. You can still register for the waiting list by writing us an email at join@bscoso.com. 

Course No. 2


Adult orthodontics: where is the limit?
Chair: Dr. Dalia Latkausiene (Lithuania)
Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Italy)

Coffee Break and snacks

Course No. 3


Locked Groove – my approach to planning the face
Chair: Dr. Simonas Grybauskas (Lithuania)

Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)

Dr. Paul Coceancig (Australia)

Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA)

Dr. Octavio Cintra (Brazil)

Dr. Fernando Melhem (Brazil)

Coffee Break and snacks

Dr. Simonas Grybauskas (Lithuania)

Dr. Andrey Senyuk (Russia)

Dr. Carlos Alberto Caropreso (Brazil)

Dr. Abraham Montes de Oca (Mexico)

Dr. G. William Arnett (USA)

Closing remarks

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07:00-07:45 REGISTRATION
07:45 Opening speeches
Session 1.
Can growth be influenced by treatment?
Chairs: Prof. Ilga Urtane (Latvia),
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
08:20 Early orthodontic treatment: key points and new procedures
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy)
09:20 Rationale for TMJ surgery in growing patients with disc displacement
Prof. Dr. Chi Yang (China)
10:00 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA),
Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Italy)
10:15 Coffee break
Session 2.
Orthodontic camouflage in growing patients
Chairs: Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania),
Dr. Gundega Jakobsone (Latvia)
10:40 Management of skeletal discrepancies in growing patients: open bite, crossbite
andClass III – just wishful thinking?

Dr. Bjorn Ludwig (Germany)
11:20 New treatment modalities for the correction of Class III in growing patients: rapid maxillary protraction
Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles (Turkey)
12:00 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Peter James Lewis (Australia),
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy)
12:20 Lunch
Session 3.
Class II management: orthodontics and TMJ
Chairs: Dr. Björn Ludwig (Germany),
Prof. Ilze Akota (Latvia)
13:20 Strengths and limitations of Class II correctors attached to fixed appliances
Dr. Gundega Jakobsone (Latvia)
13:40 Effective Class II management
Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania)
14:20 TMJ based orthodontic treatment of Class II patients during growth
Dr. ZhiGui Ma (China)
15:00 Panel Discussion |  Moderators:
Dr. Marco Rosa (Italy),
Prof. Chi Yang (China)
15:15 Coffee break
Session 4.
Corrective surgery in children – can it be justified?
Chairs: Prof. Nazan Kucukkeles (Turkey),
Prof. Andrejs Skagers (Latvia)
15:40 IMDO surgery and pre-orthodontic correction of the very small jaw (in adolesence)
Dr. Paul Coceancig (Australia)
16:20 Early orthognathic surgery
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
16:50 Early surgery in Class III patients
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman  (Colombia)
17:30 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA),
Prof. Shanyong Zhang (China)
19:15-19:45 Opening of the Welcome Reception



Welcome Reception*
Facial surgery: the role of art beyond science
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
The painting of Goya and facial deformities
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain)
20:00-22:30 OrthoJam Sessions powered by EJCO/PIO*. Free papers and posters.
Chair/moderator: Dr. Antons Vostroilovs (Latvia)
Click HERE to view the full OrthoJam Program.

* Welcome Reception will be held at the Conference venue Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija.

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08:00 Opening remarks
Session 5.
Really bad joints: conservative management
Chairs: Prof. Chi Yang (China),
Dr. Abraham Montes de Oca (Mexico)
08:10 Splint therapy and deprogramming
Dr. Gonzalo Facal Alvarez (Spain)
08:50 Medical management of the condyle
Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA)
09:30 PRGF application in TMJ for internal derangement and degenerative joint disease
Dr. Alejandro Martinez (Mexico)
10:10 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain),
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
10:25 Coffee break
Session 6.
Really bad joints: surgical management
Chairs: Dr. Alejandro Martinez Garza (Mexico),
Dr. Gonzalo Facal Alvarez (Spain)
10:50 Minimally invasive TMJ surgery
Dr. Florencio Monje (Spain)
11:30 Modified open temporomandibular joint disc repositioning using bone anchors,
how do we do?

Prof. ShanYong Zhang (China)
12:10 Treatment of condylar hyperplasia: condylectomies and orthognathic surgery
Dr. Albano Flores (Mexico)
12:30 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA),
Dr. Javier Mareque (Spain)
12:45 Lottery prize draw and Lunch
Session 7.
Philosophy of modern orthognathic surgery
Chairs: Dr. Andrey Senyuk (Russia),
Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser (Italy)
14:05 Orthognathic surgery according to an aesthetic philosophy: the facial makeover
Prof. Mirco Raffaini (Italy)
14:45 Guidelines for orthodontic preparation and surgical planning
Dr. Fernando Melhem (Brazil)
Dr. José Rino Neto (Brazil)
15:35 The face – protocols for frontal and profile planning
Dr. G. William Arnett (USA)
16:15 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Lorenz Moser (Italy),
Dr. Girts Salms (Latvia)
16:30 Coffee break and meeting with poster session authors at the learning lounge
Session 8.
From pre-surgical orthodontics to surgery-first
Chairs: Dr. Michael J. Gunson (USA),
Dr. Paul Coceancig (Australia)
17:00 Demystification of pre-surgical orthodontics
Dr. Lorenz Moser (Italy)
17:40 Surgery first: a balanced approach from a double qualified specialist in surgery and orthodontics
Dr. Carlos Villegas Bateman (Colombia)
18:20 Discussion and Best Poster Awards | Moderators:
Dr. Dalia Latkauskiene (Lithuania),
Dr. Fernando Melhem Elias (Brazil)


Gala Party at DFAB (Address: Slokas iela 52, Rīga, LV- 1007)

20:00 Busses leave from the Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija entrance. Please wear your gala ticket – the wristband. Dress-code: smart casual.

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08:50 Opening remarks
Session 9.
Missing lateral incisors: to open or to close spaces?
Chairs: Dr. Jose Rino Neto (Brazil),
Dr. Fernando Melhem Elias (Brazil)
09:00 The aesthetic zone, space closure after trauma/missing teeth
Dr. Peter Goellner (Switzerland)
09:40 To open or to close spaces for missing upper lateral incisor: is this really the question?
Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser (Italy)
10:20 Successful finishing in orthodontics: what the clinician should know?
Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Italy)
11:00 Panel Discussion | Moderator:
Dr. Octavio Cintra (Brazil)
11:15 Coffee break
Session 10.
Ultimate smile aesthetics
Chairs: Dr. Vittorio Cacciafesta (Italy),
Dr. Peter Goellner (Switzerland)
11:30 The multidisciplinary approach to the facial-smile design
Dr. Octavio Cintra  (Brazil)
12:10 Contemporary treatment of facial asymmetries
Dr. Simonas Grybauskas (Lithuania)
12:40 Panel Discussion | Moderators:
Dr. Ute Schneider-Moser (Italy),
Dr. Albano Flores (Mexico)
12:50 Closing remarks
13:00 End of the Conference

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Welcome Reception: Orthognathic Surgery as an Art

BSCOSO Welcome Reception showcases Masterpieces in Orthognathic Surgery. The multitalented surgeons will deliver exclusive lectures about surgery and arts. The unrivalled exhibition will present selected works of the greatest maxillofacial masters of today. Welcome to enter the world of living beauty.

19:15 – 19:45 Opening of the evening and arts exhibition
19:45 – 21:15 Welcome Reception:
Mirco Raffaini: Lecture “Facial surgery: the role of art beyond science”
Florencio Monje: Arts Lecture “Goya Painting and Social Deformities”

Welcome reception is followed by OrthoJam Sessions.

OrthoJam Sessions

OrthoJam Sessions is a special scientific-social networking event that will take place on 5 June (the first day of main conference). Thus, all conference participants will have a chance not to miss it. OrthoJam Sessions are certainly included in the registration package and are free of additional charge.

Rooted within classy Jazz Festivals’ Jam Sessions, OrthoJam is an unconventional approach to combine scientific lectures with inspirational presentations.

Traditional paper presentations this time will be delivered on stage followed by musical breaks. It is a perfect match for learning and having fun: held along with Welcome reception agenda, it will introduce paper presentations, a limited number of exclusive lectures and social networking activities from a surprising perspective.

Live music, lively presentations, easy atmosphere, wine&dine options and fruitful conversations non-stop from early evening till midnight. Positive excitement guaranteed.

In Jazz festivals, Jam sessions follow the main festival performances. Jam sessions are usually exciting since performers are relaxed, free to tell their story in a musical way in a non-formal atmosphere and over rather limited time.

This is what exactly OrthoJam sessions will be like. The stage will be provided for the authors of accepted abstracts to freely communicate their findings and point of view in a lively, relaxed atmosphere. Constructive session format (up to 10 minutes for each presentation, some of them even took the challenge to make it in 3 minutes) will ensure that participants take away the maximum during the limited time. The abstract acceptance/rejection rate this year was high, so the presentations approved for the session are true gems!

While you engage in the scientific part, the OrthoJazz band will liven up the event by musical breaks.

Parallel sessions
Freestyle Papers: From Abstract to Nu. Presentations livened up with jazz music.

Gala event

You will not find this place on a map of Riga – in the early 40’s it was closed from the public and hidden from a curious eye. Secret old time’s military thermoelectric station nowadays is again open and renovated for original social events and experiences.

Presently, DFab is a contemporary art & design space that hosts many arts and social activities. BSCOSO invites you to a social networking event with live music, performance, open bar and entertainment on the evening of 6 June. While you can get all these traditional elements at most conferences, the pleasantly unexpected experience with no-alike atmosphere is no easy to find…

‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 2).
Just like Alice in Wonderland, follow the white rabbit all the way down the rabbit hole to discover the WonderLab at DFab.

‘What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’

What is the use of a conference, we say, without unexpected and unforgettable gala event, full of spectacular moments and conversations? Hence, it is going to be a positively crazy, surprising evening to help leave any tension behind and revive after the learning sessions.

After all, the whole learn & fun experience at BSCOSO is intended to make you feel just like Alice: ‘I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.’



OrthoJam Program

June 5

More about OrthoJam Session…Click HERE.

20:06-20:48 OrthoJam Session I
20:06-20:17 How the amount of BSSO advancement and occlusal plane changes influence upper airways volume in class II females – prospective study
Rene Foltan (Czech Republic)
20:18-20:22 Assessment of orthognathic surgery outcomes by using of a passive robot arm
Esam Omar (Saudi Arabia)
20:23-20:27 Changes in the shape of nose and upper lip after Le Fort I osteotomies
Antons Vostroilovs (Latvia)
20:28-20:32 Application of the soft tissue cefalometric analysis in clinical practice
Janna Lendengolts (Russia)
20:33-20:37 Accuracy of determination of rotation axis of the mandible comparing the result of mechanical axiograph and optical model double scan methods. Pilot study.
Rokas Linkevicius (Lithuania)
20:38-20:42 Rigid external distraction (RED) treatment of a patient with cleft palate induced maxillary deficiency: a case report
Ozun Karaahmetoglu (Turkey)
20:43-20:48 Q&A Session
20:58-21:41 OrthoJam Session II
20:58-21:09 Temporomandibular joint synovial fluid components levels: implications for arthrocentesis outcome
Edvitar Leibur (Estonia)
21:10-21:14 Platelet rich plasma in the therapy of the osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joint
Vladimir Machon (Czech Republic)
21:15-21:19 Consecutive mandibular DO and orthognathic surgery  for correction of mandibular hypoplasia  in adolescents
Alexandre Ivanov (Russia)
21:20-21:24 Treatment of a patient who have anterior disc displacement with reduction using a fixed functional appliance forsus: a case report
Aylin Pasaoglu (Turkey)
21:25-21:36 Early pre-surgical FABSTM orthodontics is different from functional Facial orthopedics
Nico Vrijens (German-Dutch-Belgian border)
21:36-21:41 Q&A Session
OrthoJam Session III
21:50-22:01 Hot news: Multiloop Edgewise Archwire (MEAW) and occlusal plane control during orthodontic treatment
Alexey Ermakov (Russia)
22:02-22:06 Modified miniplates for temporary skeletal anchorage in orthodontics. Indications and practical tips
Marijus Strazdas (Lithuania)
22:07-22:11 Occlusal reconstruction in treatment of malocclusion. Goals and opportunities.
Andrey Zhuk (Russia)
22:12-22:16 Posterior bounded edentulous space closing: prosthodontic vs. orthodontic treatment methods
Robertas Kirlys (Lithuania)
22:17-22:24 Adjunctive Protocols for Attaining Optimal Aesthetics
Ajit Kalia (India)
22:25-22:30 Q&A Session

 June 5-7

All day long: poster presentations at the learning lounge

Analysis of complications during BSSO
Sergiy Shuvalov (Ukraine)
Preauricular approach with zygomatic arch osteotomy for partial resection of the mandible condyle in cases of its benign tumor lesions
Iryna Logvynenko (Ukraine)
Example of procedure of a combined orthodontic-surgical therapy by a class III patient treated with straight wire technique, MBT prescription
Martin Horacek (Czech Republic)
Treatment of a Patient with Complete Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate using Internal Maxillary Distraction Osteogenesis: A Case Report
Aylin Pasaoglu (Turkey)
Using Modified Hunsuck’s Procedure to Contour Mandibular Angle with Orthognathic Surgery
Ying-an Chen (Taiwan)
Investigation of functional need for orthognathic treatment between adult patients in LUHSH Clinic of Orthodontics
Arunas Vasiliauskas (Lithuania)
Combined Orthodontics and Orthognatic Surgery for the correction of class II skeletal malocclusion in an adult patient
Barbara Mady Maricic (Croatia)
Cranio-postural kinesiotherapy in orthodontics
Myroslava Drohomyretska (Ukraine)
Anterior mandibular teeth retraction and Intrusion a pre-surgical preparation for mandibular advancement, Case Report
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Mandibular Symphyseal Distraction Osteogenesis (MSDO) and Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE) for correction of severe crowding, a 10 year follow up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Sagittal Distraction Osteogenesis (DOS) for correction of Iatrogenic Orthodontic-extraction case in skeletal class-III patients, an 8-year follow-up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)
Sagittal Distraction Osteogenesis (DOS) for correction of Dental Class II, skeletal class-III patient with concave-profile and prominent-chin, a year follow up
Albano Flores-Villarreal (Mexico)


Abstract Book

BSCOSO 2015 Abstract Book published in the “Baltic Dental and Maxillofacial Journal” is available HERE for download.

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